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Database now supports multiple Vantage Pro Consoles!
It's HERE! mySQL DB support! (23-Jan-2008)
Updated Database Version 11.5 (03-Sep-2012)
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It's here! Database version 11.5!
With the ability for the database to contain data from mutiple Vantage Pro Weather Stations. Either by having multiple Weather Stations accessible from one computer or with the ability to export data from a database at a remote location then import the data into another Weather Stations database so as to collect data from multiple remote Weather Stations into one centralized database.
The program that communicates with the Vantage Pro is written in C and is distributed under the Open Source License. You should be able to compile it under any flavor of Linux, maybe even UNIX (I never tried it though). I have made it available for download in a gzip'd tarball, you can get it here:
Current Version
v1.0.9   05-Sep-2013
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This is an extension of Joe Jaworski's initial work, adding some functionality not in his initial work (Solar, ET, THSW, UV, Leaf, Soil, etc.), and fixing some bugs.

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