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Metric Conversion Added!
With MySQL DB support! (23-Jan-2008)
Updated Database Version 11.5 (03-Sep-2012)
After weeks of design, coding, testing, and loading close to 3 years of Vantage Pro derived weather data, then reloading, and then reloading again, the VProWeather/MySQL Database and interface was released back in 2008. VProWeather now supports and directly interfaces with a MySQL Database. It directly updates the Real Time and Graph data downloaded from the Vantage Pro Console and stores it in the MySQL database. Daily Highs and Lows, Monthly Highs and Lows, and Yearly Highs and Lows are also automatically determined and stored in the Database.
In the spring of 2011 after a bit of neglect, vProWeather's MySQL's interface and database was given a facelift. A few bugs were fixed, columns were added to store additional data, to mention a few things. See the CHANGELOG for a comprehesive list of what was done.
All MySQL SQL scripts are included to create the Database, setup the Triggers on the various Tables, and setup additional Indexes for fast data retrieval. Click on the Thumbnail Image below for the Full Size View of the Database structure.
In addition, the Spring 2012 facelift includes Metric conversion and data stored as Metric in the DB flagged to indicate whether it is Metric or English. Some Perl scripts were also included to get the High/Low data for a Day, Month, or Year. The previous releases included some additional utility type programs to populate the data of some of the new columns that were added at that time. A program to load data that may have been gathered from a Vantage Pro or other weather station is also provided to load that data into the MySQL Database. And a conversion program is provided to format the data so that it can be loaded.
The early Summer 2012 update includes new MySQL DB Triggers to update the THSWHeat, THSWHeatDT, UVHigh, UVHighDT, DewPointHigh, DewPointHighDT, DewPointLow, DewPointLowDT columns in the MHL and YHL tables in the MySQL DB. The data is derived from the Vantage Pro Console that reports the daily High/Low vaues for these parameters which vproweather places in the DHL table. The new triggers then update the MHL and YHL tables accordingly using the data from the DHL table. vproweather as of version 1.0.7 now populates all columns in the DHL and therefore the MHL and YHL tables if all the necessary ISS sensors are installed.
The late Summer 2012 update includes the ability for the database to contain data from mutiple Vantage Pro Weather Stations. Either by having multiple Weather Stations accessible from one computer or with the ability to export data from a database at a remote location then import the data into another Weather Stations database so as to collect data from multiple remote Weather Stations into one centralized database. A new column was added in the Rain table. "PerMinute", that contains the calculated value for amount of rain per minute for the minutes from the current time stored in the DB to the last time rain data was stored. Also database performance was addressed which included adding or restructing existing indexes and using those indexes heavily in vproweather and the database triggers. Performance was substanially improved thus eliminating any slow queries in a database containg 8 years, nearly 4 million rows per table of weather data.
Current Version
v1.0.9   03 SEP-2012
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Email me at: Weather[replace with(at)] with any questions.

This is an extension of Joe Jaworski's initial work, adding some functionality not in his initial work (Solar, ET, THSW UV, Leaf, Soil, etc.), and fixing some bugs.

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