da Vinci 1.0 Pro Feed Mod II

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This is the squeal to my "da Vinci 1.0 Pro Feed Mod". I wasn't really happy with the original modification I made because when the extruder was at the front of the bed the copper tube pointing forward put a strain on the PTFE tubing. But it was a quick fix and kept me printing. I finally decided to see if I could make an improvement.

I decide to remove that plastic piece on top of the extruder assembly as it doesn't appear to have any useful purpose that I can discern. I also removed the rubber tube guide that extended through the bracket that guided the filament. That then gave me some options.

At first I was going to machine a fitting for the quick connect to screw into and that fitting would then extend through the hole where the rubber guide tube was. I was then going to make a metal plate that would go on top of the bracket to secure the fitting in place. But while machining the fitting I decided to thread the OD of the fitting that extends through the guide hole.
  Here is the result of the machining. The copper tube slides into the lower end of the fitting and also slides into the fitting that is part of the OEM metal bracket. I also used a 1/4-28 jam nut because typically jam nuts are thinner then regular nuts. One note on the nut, due to the guide hole being slightly off center and the plastic rib right next to the hole I had to mill 0.020" off one side of the nut so that the nut would line up properly with the guide hole.
You can see the right verticle flat on the nut is thinner then the left verticle flat. And also due to that the nut being right up against that plastic rib the nut is prevented from spinning while the fitting is screwed into it.  
  Here's the machined parts and the pneumatic fitting assembled and ready to be installed on the bracket.

Here is the assembly installed on the bracket.  
(Nut shown before being tightened.)  

 And finally, installed in the printer.