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System Specifications
System Cost
Description Qty. Cost  
Kyocera KC200GT Solar Module 18 $16,027.00  
Magnetek PVI-3600-US Inverter 1 $2,187.00  
Unirac PV Panel Mounting Sytem 1 $900.00  
Electrical Equipment $1,023.43  
Labor $1,856.00  
Shipping $60.00  
State Sales Tax $825.00  
Total Cost:   $22,878.43  
Focus on Energy Grant:   $8,007.00  
Federal Tax Credit 2006:   $2,000.00  
Out of Pocket Cost:   $12,871.43  

Kyocera KC200GT Solar Module
Electrical Specifications
Maximum Power 200 Watts
Tolerance +10% / -5%
Maximum Power Voltage 26.3 Volts
Maximum Power Current 7.61 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage 32.9 Volts
Short-Circuit Current 8.21 Amps
Dimensions W x H x T 39.0" x 56.2" x 1.4"
UL 1703 certified
The conversion efficiency of the Kyocera solar cell is over 16%.
The electrical specifications are under test conditions of
Irradiance of 1KW/m2, Spectrun of 1.5 air mass and cell
temperature of 25°C.
Long term warranty shall guarantee that loss of output is not
more the 100f the minimum warranty value of the product
specifications within 12 years and is not more than 20% within
25 years after the purchase of the product by customer.

Magnetek PVI-3600-US Inverter
Nominal Power Rating 3600 (3300@208Vac) Watts
Power Rating @ 40C 3600 Watts
Absolute Max Voltage Range 0 to 600 VDC
Operating Window Range 90-530 (360 nominal) VDC
Startup Voltage 200 VDC (open circuit)
Array Configuration One or two floating arrays and independent MPPT
Max Power Input Current 10 Amps per MPPT Channel, 20 Amps total
Nominal AC Voltage (Range) Single-phase 184-264 Vrms
Nominal AC Frequency 60 Hz
Maximum AC Line Current 16 Arms
Max AC Output Breaker 20 A
AC Current Distortion <2.5% THD at rated power with sinewave voltage
Max Efficiency Peak 96%
CEC Efficiency 94.5% (94% - 208V)
Tare Losses <0.3 Watts
Operating Ambient Temperature +50 to +60 C
Enclosure Environmental Rating NEMA 2/IP21(indoor)
Relative Humidity 0-95ondensing
Elevation Derated above 6,600ft (2000m)
Audible Noise <40 dBA
Size (height x width x depth) 17.3in x 18.3in x 2.2in (440mm x 465mm x 57mm)
Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
Standards and Codes CSA listed to UL 1741. In the United States, the PVI-3600 Auroras should be installed in accordance with the 2005 National Electric Code

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