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Once the time stops updating the Inverter is done for the day

Energy Produced
(@ $0.225/KWh)
Power produced today: 18.960  KWh.  Value:  $ 1.707
Weekly Power produced: 19.040  KWh.  Value:  $ 1.707
Monthly Power produced: 154.832  KWh.  Value:  $ 24.136
Yearly Power produced: 864.464  KWh.  Value:  $ 141.860
Partial Power produced: 18.960  KWh.  Value:  $ 1.700
Total Power produced: 72118.455  KWh.  Value:  $ 14473.750
(Since 27-jun-2006)
(Aurora inverter was replaced on April 5th, 2010 due to "Quartz/Battery Failure!" that occurred in early 2007. I was reluctant to replace the inverter for fear of losing power generation history data. And rightfully so, the procedure given to me by Power-One engineers to download generation history from the old inverter and upload the data to the new inverter failed. At first it would not upload it appears due to it thinking it was not for the new inverter, when that was corrected it uploaded but the generation history data still did not show on the new inverter. On the day this process was taking place and the problem was enountered Power-One Support had contacted me early in the day but 2 hours later when I tried to contact Power-One Support by phone and email I got no response. Seems they ran and hid. A week has gone by and still no response. Power-One was then given the data file by email to discern the problem with the procedure but as of yet, stil no response from them. -- Update: 3 weeks have now gone by, multiple emails have been sent, still no answers... Before Magnetek sold the line to Power-One the Support was excellent, an engineer even came out to my house early on to tweak the inverter, being one of the first to install a Aurora Inverter, now the Support doesn't appear to be of that level.)

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