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Rice & Tomatoes. YUM! Some may say, Spanish rice…

I was bouncing around the kitchen working on coming up with something for dinner tonight. I decided on rice and maybe some chicken. So I get the rice going, one of my favorite ways by boiling the water with chicken bouillon cubes and butter. A cup of rice and two instead of the usual one bouillon cube along with a 1-1/2 tbs. of butter. Continue reading Rice & Tomatoes. YUM! Some may say, Spanish rice…

My Salmon Casserole

Salmon casserole you’re wondering? No this is not like a tuna casserole.

Can’t claim this one as my own, a past girlfriend made this dish with orange roughy and I think it was from a published recipe. The broccoli, rice, and cheese part is my favorite and I sometimes make that alone. The secret is it’s not just broccoli, rice, and cheese, there a sauce on it that is what makes it one of those things you just can’t stop eating… Continue reading My Salmon Casserole

Hey KEURIG, can you say “WE SCREWED UP”?

Ye-HA! My single cup coffee maker wouldn’t yesterday morning and that is no way to start out a day! So I took to fixing it today. The way it acted figure’d it was clogged. But where? Watched a video on YouTube that said the needle that punctures the cup is most likely clogged with coffee grounds and showed how to disassemble it to get it out and clean it. Quite involved and time consuming. If the needle is clogged why not just unclog it? 5 minutes later I was enjoying a hot cup for French Roast. Oh and 4-1/2 of those 5 minutes were spent looking for a paper clip I could use to unclog it. Continue reading Hey KEURIG, can you say “WE SCREWED UP”?

The Preppers Cookbook

As I mentioned my new cookbook arrived today, so far I’m impressed. It’s not just recipes as I thought it would be because well, it’s a cookbook, but it also includes a lot of other good information. And paging through it I see a lot of good recipes, this is going to keep me busy for a while…