More Bleeding Heart LIberal Gun Control BS

This article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Everybody thinks, universal background checks are the answer. Wake up people they’re not. The majority of criminals don’t obtain their guns legally so it will do nothing to stop them from obtaining a gun. And when one criminal is selling a gun to another criminal ya think they’re going to go do a background check because it’s the law? Ha-Ha-Ha.

What it will do, the way the so called recent universal background Bills have been crafted is to burden the law abiding citizen and make a felon out of them.

How’s that you say? They’ve written the bills so that it is illegal to loan a gun to any family member or anyone that you’ve known your entire life say if they want use it for deer hunting or any other legal reason. Or if you left your rifle at someone’s else’s cabin because you’ll be back next weekend even if it’s locked up and you are the only one that can unlock it.  While shooting at the firing range let your friend fire your gun? Illegal. By definition in these Bills. To mention a few problems with these bills.

It’s overreach. It’s the bleeding heart liberals trying to chip away at the Second Amendment rights bit by bit.

That is why Universal Background check laws are opposed. Because they’re not Universal Background checks, they’re always much more and are restricting rights not just checking on a potential purchasers background…

Be informed before you get mad at someone for opposing a Universal Background check bill, know fully what you’re talking about. Most people don’t and get mad that others oppose Universal Background checks. They’re sucked in by the media’s and others self serving biased misinformation.

And here once again they propose what to do without backing it up with facts. Numbers. “More prone too…” What 1 person in 1,000,000 so the other 999,999 are thrown into that category too?

That’s what our government likes to do, enact oppressive laws based on statistics.

This is where the bleeding heart liberals don’t mind what so ever burdening the other 999,999 when they should be focusing on helping the 1.

I.E. Address the real problem and work towards a solution don’t lump everyone into and restrict the majority because of a few just because that’s the easy thing to do.

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