Frozen Pizza Can Be Good!

Fourth time I had pizza this week. I do like pizza but that often is unusual for me. Frozen pizza on top of it. Something I’ve always wondered why they made because it’s not that good but it is convenient.

Till now.

Ya see I never gave up at trying to find a good frozen pizza. And I never gave up trying to make a good frozen pizza at home. That’s me. I just don’t give up.

My big gas stove oven really didn’t turn out great pizza’s. My smaller gas stove oven (dual oven stove) really didn’t turn out great pizza’s. My electric convection oven really didn’t turn out great pizza’s.

So a week ago I decided to get a electric pizza oven like the ones that were used to make Tombstone pizzas from Medford Wisconsin at your local watering hole which back in the day were so so good, up until Kraft bought them…

The I went to the grocery store to get a frozen pizza. A good one. Not a DiGiorno (Kraft), not a Tombstone (Kraft), not a Jacks (Kraft), etc. Well Nestle now but still the old Kraft factories.

Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. looked good. So did Brew Pub Lotzza Motzza’s. I picked up two Lotzza Motzza’s because they were on sale.

Made one without doctoring it up. (Usually add mushrooms, black olives, onions, pepperoni if it doesn’t have any and more cheese.) Made it in the new pizza oven. Wow. That was pretty good.

Decided to make the other one a couple of days later to see if that was just a fluke. Nope. Yum!

So yesterday I made a run of the mill pizza I had in the freezer and added black olives, onions and more cheese. Hmm. That one turn out pretty tasty too.

Staring to think the new pizza oven might be a contributing factor. Decided to test that theory again today. Picked up a Brew Pub Lotzza Motzza Supreme. Turned out delicious again without any doctoring up, but while cooking it I realized a few things.

First, the open rack the pizza sits on. Because the crust was just never cooked to my liking. In my convection oven the pizza sat on a metal pan. In my gas ovens too, even tried a pizza pan that had the holes in it and a pizza stone that was preheated. Nothing seemed to help.

Another thing, the fact there is no temperature setting on the electric pizza oven. On or off. That’s it. Which means you have to watch it. But that’s how they always cooked the old Tombstones. And that’s how wood fired stone ovens do it, there’s no temperature dial to set there.

So, the middle of the pack price range wise no frills electric pizza oven done good. (Purposely bought in that price range in case it was a bust.)

Excuse me now, gotta go have some more pizza…

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