Open Lettter to President Obama Regarding CDC’s Ebola Missteps

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden gets a vote of no confidence.

First he downplayed the Duncan case in Texas stating the U.S. is prepared.

Then he blamed Nina Pham that she did not follow protocol which resulted in her being infected and then he had to backpedal from that statement.

Then he continued to state protocols for an event such as this were in place and being followed, except now the nurses are saying that was not so.

Now a second care giver is infected with Ebola in Texas

All this, to the best of my knowledge, without he himself even visiting the Texas Hospital and seeing for himself

Dr. Thomas Frieden stated protocols were in place and being used, proper protection equipment was being used to protect the care givers, both of those statements have turned out to be false.

And the U.S. public is supposed to believe Dr. Thomas Frieden and the fact that the U.S. is prepared to handle an Ebola breakout?

I think not and it appears not.

This is playing out just like Katrina and FEMA Director Michael Brown only the possible consequences here are much worse.