The CDC’s response to the Ebola in Texas has the earmarks of FEMA’s response to Katrina.

Don’t shrug the thought off. Michael Brown seemed more concerned with how he looked for the cameras at press conferences during that crises then getting aid where it was needed in a timely fashion. So now at first Thomas Frieden blamed the nurse that she broke protocol with no facts to support that and then had to backpedal there.

And now says the CDC could have responded with more people and expertise in Texas then it did. Not to mention the hospital sent Duncan home from the Emergency Room initially with symptoms and after they were informed he had recently arrived from Africa. And now the poor man is dead.

Missteps. Too many missteps already to instill confidence. Appears more like downplaying to avoid any panic.

The U.S. Government is claiming they can contain this, am I worried? So far, based on performance, I have to say I am. I fear it may get worse before it gets better. I figured it had a high probability of landing in the U.S. (literally), it was just a matter of time. I’m one for one so far. Hope I’m wrong with the rest.

And now this:

Dallas nurses describe Ebola hospital care: ‘There was no protocol’

Nurses Blast Hospitals Over Ebola Safety

Dallas Nurses Say Hospital had Sloppy Ebola Protocols: Union

Can I say I’m surprised? Nope. Going to be interesting to see the spin the CDC Director puts on this.

Oh my God, and it continues to get worse…

 CDC: New Ebola patient took recent airline flight