Brightly Colored Lookalike Firearms Are Not The Solution

In light of two deaths in Ohio due to people carrying lookalike/imitation firearms a legislator there (Representative Alicia Reece) wants to enact a law that these lookalike/imitation firearms be brightly colored. While sounding like a good idea on the surface it’s not without it’s problems.

So what if criminals brightly paint their firearms to resemble lookalike firearms? That could cause Law Enforcement Officers to take pause which then allows the criminal to get the drop on them and now we have more dead Law Enforcement Officers? Law Enforcement Officers put their life on the line every time they go to work, we do not need to give criminals any sort of advantage.

Don’t think someone won’t do it. You’d be fooling yourself. A mass shooter may even do it to get that advantage when committing some act.

I know these legislators won’t listen to this because they know better and have the mindset we have to do something even if that something won’t really help (they can say they did something and that may make them feel good). If this law gets enacted and if this occurs I will be there to say I told you so and I will shout it from the highest mountain. And on the flip side a child can easily make the firearm look real by painting it black. Doh!

How about we try this solution. Improve the family unit and improve mental health care? And don’t taunt police with a lookalike weapon. You might get killed. Oh yeah, that’s what this is all about. A chain of events led/leads to these deaths. When the person killed chooses to do what they do, well, the onus is on them. No one else. Period.

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