My Salmon Casserole

Salmon casserole you’re wondering? No this is not like a tuna casserole.

Can’t claim this one as my own, a past girlfriend made this dish with orange roughy and I think it was from a published recipe. The broccoli, rice, and cheese part is my favorite and I sometimes make that alone. The secret is it’s not just broccoli, rice, and cheese, there a sauce on it that is what makes it one of those things you just can’t stop eating…

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To make the broccoli, rice, and cheese start out by preparing 2 cups of rice (4 cups cooked), I use half white and half brown. Also prepare 2 cups of fresh or frozen chopped broccoli. If it’s fresh steam it 10-15 minutes so it’s still crisp, if it’s frozen microwave it with a tbs. or two of water for 3 minutes. Then while waiting for the rice make the sauce.

In ~6″ skillet melt 2-3 tbs. butter and add 3 chicken bullion cubes right away. As the butter melts the bullion cubes absorb the butter making them easy to crush and mix in. Once the butter is melted and the bullion is crushed start adding Realemon lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.

This is done completely to taste. You want to land up with about 4-5 ounces of sauce. So add some lemon juice and add some Tabasco sauce. While stirring constantly bring the sauce almost to a boil and taste. Lather rinse repeat until you have the amount of sauce you want and the taste you like.

A note on the taste, you don’t want any one thing overpowering. You want to taste the butter and bullion, its saltiness, the sour of the lemon juice and finish with the hot of the Tabasco. It’s easy to put too much Tabasco in because the taste finishes with it so go slow with it, you can always add a little more.

Once everything is ready place the fish of your choice in the bottom of a 9×9 pan. I typically use orange roughy, perch, or salmon. I like tilapia also but farmed tilapia because of what they’re fed are low in omega-3, so I’ve read, so I don’t eat much tilapia anymore. Season the fish with salt and pepper then ladle 2 or so tablespoons of the sauce on the fish.

Ladle 2 or 3 tablespoons of the sauce onto the rice then stir well and taste. Lather rinse repeat until the rice is to your liking. Stir the broccoli in to the rice then stir a cup or so of shredded mild cheddar cheese in to the rice also. Ladle on another 2 tablespoons of the sauce to the mixture because the added broccoli and cheese will soften the taste of the sauce and rice mix. Once again, lather, rinse, repeat.

Once you have the broccoli, rice, and cheese mixture to your liking cover the fish in the pan with it to the extent the fish at its thickest part has 1/2″ of the mixture over it.

Bake in a 350 degree over for 20 minutes if cooking perch or orange roughy which are typically thin or 30 minutes if cooking a thicker piece of salmon.

Now enjoy!

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