My Salmon Casserole

Salmon casserole you’re wondering? No this is not like a tuna casserole.

Can’t claim this one as my own, a past girlfriend made this dish with orange roughy and I think it was from a published recipe. The broccoli, rice, and cheese part is my favorite and I sometimes make that alone. The secret is it’s not just broccoli, rice, and cheese, there a sauce on it that is what makes it one of those things you just can’t stop eating… Continue reading My Salmon Casserole

More Bleeding Heart LIberal Gun Control BS

This article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Everybody thinks, universal background checks are the answer. Wake up people they’re not. The majority of criminals don’t obtain their guns legally so it will do nothing to stop them from obtaining a gun. And when one criminal is selling a gun to another criminal ya think they’re going to go do a background check because it’s the law? Ha-Ha-Ha. Continue reading More Bleeding Heart LIberal Gun Control BS