RF-31 Coolant Drip Wings

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When I first got the Mill and started using it I quickly realized a coolant system was necessary if I expected to remove substantial amounts of material at a time, get a good finish, and for the cutting tools to last. So I bought a Little Giant 5 gallon tank and pump and some Rustlick WS-5050.

After I started using the coolant system coolant was dripping and splashing everywhere. No surprise there. So I'd use pieces of wood (I do woodworking too) around the cutter to reduce the splashing. That got old fast so I made a Milling Machine Splash Guard which helps a lot.

But the dripping off the table along it's length that wasn't over the pan was a problem as it dripped onto the floor. My quick solution, get a couple of 12" x 18" 20-some gauge galvanized sheet metal from my favorite ACE Hardware store. That worked but wasn't great, as you can imagine. So the plan was to get some larger thicker pieces of galvanized sheet metal from Speedy Metals next time I order something and head over there to pick it up. Except I never remembered to add the sheet metal to any order. Until yesterday.

So I ordered 2 pieces of 18 gauge 12" x 24" galvanized sheet metal. When I got it I was a bit surprised how thick and sturdy it was, don't work with sheet metal a lot, but that was fine, that was what I was looking for. And to think I almost ordered 16 gauge. Cut out a corner notch, round off one corner on each piece, a few strategically placed bends, and whalla, I have new, much better, drip wings for my Mill. I used small wooden wedges, the kind you use for aligning a door or a window when installing them, to hold each drip wing in place.
  The Original quick-n-dirty drip wings.     The new and improved drip wings.
  Plenty or room for the Handwheel and table travel.
  Edge view showing the two bends.
  Left Side.
  Left Side showing the wooden wedge used to secure the drip wing in place.
  Right side again showing the ease with which the drip wing can be extended. That's one of the old drip wings laying on the new one extending its reach another 6-8". And the only thing keeping it in place and not falling off is a single ~3/8" neodymium magnet.